[Science] Quantitative monitoring of military transformation in the period 1992–2010: Do the protagonists of transformation really change more than other countries?

fdef20.v016.i01.coverThe fact that military transformation has been a complex, slow, asymmetric, changeable, political, and not necessarily completely rational process points to the need to develop an effective monitoring mechanism. This paper fills a gap in the literature by creating and testing a model for multidimensional and multilevel quantitative monitoring of military transformation applicable in any country. The model is based on 10 transformation indicators that reflect changes in the organizational structure, personnel structure, weapon systems, and defense spending. Its application on a sample of seven countries (USA, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, and China) in the period from 1992 to 2010 unexpectedly shows that the USA – a protagonist in the transformation process among allies as well as globally – has carried out the smallest relative change.  The non-directed transformation index indicated that Russia carried out 51.8% more change (or 34.1 index units), and the directed index indicated that Poland carried out 157.2% (or 40.8 index units) more change than the USA.

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Back to list of notificationsPublished: 03. May 2016 | Category: Achievements, Research