[Science] Generating global network structures by triad types

Authors: Marjan Cugmas, Anuška Ferligoj, Aleš Žiberna 

The article, published in the scientific journal PLOS One, addresses the question of whether it is possible to generate the networks with a given global structure (operationalized by a blockmodel) with only considering the different triad types. To generate networks, the Relocation of Links algorithm and the Monte Carlo Multi Chain algorithm are applied. Most of blockmodels can be generated by using all possible or only selected triad types. The exception is a hierarchical blockmodel type with null blocks on the diagonal, where some additional local network structures (such as paths) has to be considered in order to generate the networks with this blockmodel type by using the listed algorithms. The results indicate that many global network structures can emerge as a result of different local mechanisms which are independent on the characteristics of the units.

The article is available HERE.

Back to list of notificationsPublished: 08. June 2018 | Category: Research, Publikacija