[Publication] UN and International Economy; with special emphasis on the role of Developing Countries and Transnational Enterprises

The article from Marjan Svetličič (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences) evaluates the activities of the United Nations (UN) and its efforts to achieve a new international economic order, to regulate activities of transnational corporations, and, in this framework, to address strategies of developing countries, particularly their self-reliance and economic cooperation. It confirms that: i) international and domestic factors play a decisive role in determining UN activities in economics; ii) economic issues are being gradually overshadowed by pressing political problems and war, although they may be a reason for them as well; iii) the fragmentation of international economic organizations prevents them from dealing with economic issues prevent them from dealing successfully with ever more complex economic issues; iv) the gap between declarations and real intertests prevents developing countries to materialize their self-reliance strategy; and v) in order to accomplish a better world economic system, a return to Keynes’ idea of a holistic international economic organization is suggested, which could coordinate economic strategies and policies of developing countries.

Back to list of notificationsPublished: 18. April 2016 | Category: Achievements, Publikacija