Prof Dr Jennie Olofsson at the Faculty of Social Sciences

Prof Dr Jennie Olofsson began at Faculty of Social Sciences (Centre for Social Studies of Science) in February with execution of two-year research project »Waste Electronics – Risk Assessment«. The project is part of European Commission's mobility scheme »Marie Skłodowska-Curie IF – Masterclass«. Prof Dr Jennie Olofsson obtained in this EC's mobility scheme the »Seal of Excellence« which assure her the performance of two-year research project in Slovenia.  The project is financed by Slovenian Research Agency. Dr Olofsson is one of the first three researchers in this mobility scheme for excellent scientists in Europe who hosted at University of Ljubljana. She is coming from Mid-Sweden University. She is publishing scientific articles in various high reputable international scientific journals (Ethnography, Human and Ecological Risk Assessment, Information Communication and Society, Studies in Media and Communication, etc) as well as book proceeding at the leading international publishing  houses (MIT, Routledge, etc.). In the last few years, she is focused on the research investigation of risk issues in new sciences and technologies (with emphasise on ICT) and the role of women of science. In her research project »»Waste Electronics – Risk Assessment«, she will focus on the issue of risk assessment and risk governance (comparability between Slovenia and Sweden).  In the next two years, she will be involved also in other teaching and research activities at FDV. She will organize together with her co-workers from Centre for Social Studies of Science the meeting of European sociologists of science which will be hosted on October 11-12 at FDV.

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