New Publication: Paper on Video Case Studies in IB Teaching

Cover of JTIB

The Journal of Teaching in International Business published a paper titled 'Video Case Studies in IB Teaching: An Empirical Comparison of Academic and Student Perceptions and Expectations' written by Filip De Beule, Andreja Jaklič (member of CIR), Aleksandra Kania, Katarzyna Mroczek-Dąbrowska, Nukhet Vardar, and Hinrich Voss.

The paper assess the current use of stand-alone video case studies in international business (IB) teaching. Using survey data from IB scholars and students, the authors examine the usefulness of video case studies, the main barriers for and the (un)exploited potential of video case studies. While they find relatively modest use of video case studies in IB teaching to date, they also find strong interest by lecturers and students to expand their use. In particular, there seems to be a student preference and need for real-life, manager-led, and problem-solving video cases.

You can find the paper here.

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