New Publication by Iris Koleša 'Becoming an International Manager: Identity Work by Managerial International Assignees from Emerging Markets'

Assist. dr. Iris Koleša from the Centre of International Relations (Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia) recently published the 'Becoming an International Manager: Identity Work by Managerial International Assignees from Emerging Markets' monograph with Springer.

The monograph is organised into four parts: Part I outlines the characteristics and challenges of emerging market firms in the process of internationalization (especially those pertaining to human resources management) as determined by the country of origin context. It also addresses these firms’ strategies of developing competitive advantages in this process.

Based on an original empirical study, part II thenhighlights the main challenges experienced by emerging market firms when considering to use or already implementing and managing international assignments (by growth stage of the firm and assignment format). It moreover uncovers the strategies that emerging market firms employ to overcome these challenges. Part III focuses on the individual-level findings from the same study. It discusses the challenges experienced by assignees on short- or long-term international assignments as well as their (avoidance and coping) strategies aimed at addressing them.

Finally, part IV integrates the conclusions from the first three parts of the monograph and discusses the interactions between macro, mezzo, and micro factors of (managing) international assignments in emerging market firms. It explains how these interactions are reflected in multilevel discourses as well as role shifts and identity work by individuals with agency theory and role (transition), social categorisation, and social identity theories.

Next to theory development based on novel empirical data, the monograph also offers guidelines for practitioners managing international assignments in emerging market firms, whereby ‘soft’ approaches such as narrative work (including favourable employer branding and prioritization of assignment-related discourses and identities as well as hybrid assignee roles that facilitate organizational goal fulfilment) and relationship building are particularly highlighted for managing international assignments in these contexts.

The monograph is part of the 'Contributions to Management Science' series and is available in electronic and printed format.

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