MUNSC Salient Youth Conference 2017

DSC_0224This year’s MUNSC Salient Youth Conference on Global Matters was organised under the title “The Hidden Faces of War”. The aim of the overarching theme was to better explore the often-overlooked dimensions of war and conflict that tend to remain unaddressed by mainstream discussions. In this sense war was framed as a social phenomenon that radically transforms existing and gives rise to previously unfathomable forms of human interaction. In addition to traditional Model United Nations simulations the conference also offered a number of complementary educational activities, which together constitute one of the key characteristics setting MUNSC Salient apart from other similar conferences. In a workshop, prepared in close cooperation between the MUNSC Salient content team and the internationally renowned ITF – Enhancing Human Security, the participants had the chance to familiarise themselves with the comprehensive process of post-conflict societal rehabilitation. In addition, the conference also hosted two panels; one titled Hybrid warefare: A paradigm shift or just more of the same? featuring major general Dobran Božič, the acting director of the Government office for the protection of classified information; while the second one, moderated by Ana Bojinović Fenko (Faculty of Social Scoences – University of Ljubljana) with Primož Šterbenc (Faculty of management – University of Primorska) and Katarina Cvikl Balić (ITF – Enhancing Human Security) as panelists, addressed the issue of Human capital in post-conflict development.

The bulk of participant’s time, however, was still spent in traditional delegate roles, representing countries in three different committees. Children’s rights in post-conflict reconstruction was the topic of the Human Rights Council. In the UN Security Council the participants discussed the causes of instability in Libya which need to be addressed when looking for a sustainable, long-term solution. The European Union’s Foreign Affairs Council dealt with the issue of Transnational regulation of private security companies.

The conference was organized by students of the Faculty of Social Sciences who are also members of the Model United Nations Slovenia Club, with the president of the club, Katja Krušec, taking up the mantle of the project manager. This year saw the third edition of the MUNSC Salient conference and due to its rising reputation within the MUN community managed to attract the highest number of participants yet. The event was supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia, MEP Tanja Fajon, MEP Igor Šoltes, the Municipality of Ljubljana, as well as the Ljubljana Public Transport (LPP), with whose help the organisers were once again able to offer an entirely free-of-charge experience for more than 80 young people from around Europe. This helped uphold the highest-possible level of inclusiveness, which stands as one of the guiding principles of MUNSC Salient as well as of the MUN Slovenia Club in general. Acting as co-organisers of the conference were ITF – Enhancing Human Security, whose representatives were actively engaged devising several complementary educational activities, and the Faculty of Social Sciences – University of Ljubljana, which was kind enough to host the event at its premises.