Metka Stare about Global Value Chains at the RESER Conference in Spain



Metka Stare, a senior research fellow at the Centre of International Relations, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana (CIR), presented a paper co-authored by Klemen Knez and Andreja Jaklič (both from CIR) titled ‘Relevance of length and position in GVCs for exploring sectoral convergence in EU’ at the 29th International RESER Conference. This year's conference focused on services and the future of the workforce. It was organised jointly by the University of Granada and the Faculty of Education, Economics and Technology of Ceuta, between 12 and 14 September 2019 in Ceuta, Spain. You can discover more about the conference here.

Back to list of notificationsPublished: 02. October 2019 | Category: FDV