Meeting of the NKL reserach network »Navigating knowledge landscape«

Between the 4th and 6th of December, the Centre for researching social sciences and its members (Jennie Olofsson, Franc Mali and Maruša Nardoni) served as local organizers for the annual event of the international research network Navigating Knowledge Landscapes. This event included the PhD training, conference and the network meeting. This event took place at the Faculty of Social Sciences, The NKL research network gathers various researchers from 30 different countries. The topic  for this year’s tconferenceaddressed the current epistemological grey areas under the title “Knowing that we don’t know. Knowledge and ignorance in relation to health and biomedicine in the digital society.” More than 25 scientists participated, including researchers from Slovenia, Croatia, Norway, Germany, Austria, Italy and South Korea. The discussions, circledaround different social aspects of the development of the new computational, cognitive and bio-engineering technologies and their applications in the fields of biomedicine and human enhancement. Joachim Allgaier from Aachen University, Srečko Gajović from University of Zagreb, Jiwon Shim from Chung Ang University, Anna Lydia Svalastog from Østfold  University, Milena D. Bister from University of Berlin, Olga Markič from University of Ljubljana, Renata Šribar from Alma Mater Europea, Franc Mali and Maruša Nardoni discussedthe developmental aspects of new emerging technologies and its social implications. Some papers presenters also took into an account questions of local healthcare (Majda Pahor, University of Ljubljana), empowerment of online health communities (Sara Atanasova, University of Ljubljana) and the conduct of Slovenian bioethics commission of medical sector (Igor Pribac, University of Ljubljana). The day before, the one day PhD training event gathered 7 Slovenian and Croatian PhD candidates which were tutored by 7 mentors, coming from Norway, Germany, Croatia, Sweden and Slovenia. On the 6th of December, , this year’s event ended with the  NKLnetwork meeting, including the board of committee. This event lastedalmost for almost the entire day. 


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