Loud Memories, Turbo Folks: Mapping Sound, Image, and Remembrance in the Post-Yugoslav Space: International Symposium

foto Urška Boljkovac

On September 16 and 17, 2021, the Faculty of Social Sciences' Centre for the Study of Culture and Religion and the International Center for Graphic Arts co-organized an international symposium entitled Loud Memories, Turbo Folks: Mapping Sound, Image, and Remembrance in the Post-Yugoslav Space. The event was an integral part of the program of the 34th Ljubljana Biennale of Graphic Arts: ISKRA DELTA, a grand reflection of the current state of post-Yugoslav regimes, memories of Yugoslavia and regional imaginaries of utopian futures. In line with these starting points, the aim of the symposium was to present ongoing and recent regional academic output, that is theoretical and empirical research, especially in the fields of cultural studies and memory studies, as well as popular music studies. The symposium was organized as a part of the »Slovenian Folk Pop Music as Politics: Perceptions, Receptions, and Identities« Slovenian Research Agency-funded basic research project, led by Profesor Peter Stanković. The first results of the project were presented at the event, which also aimed to connect researchers interested in musical genres from various institutions, countries, and fields (ethnography, musicology, and cultural studies).

The two-day hybrid event designed as a knowledge exchange and discussion platform offered a palette of diverse events, aiming to bridge gaps between academic, expert, and art worlds, and to engage the wider interested public. Most attendants remarked that it the event was especially welcome, marking a long-awaited break with virtual conferences and academic isolation that have shaped our workdays over the past 18 months.

The intense conference program – the first day was focused on research on post-Yugoslav musical genres, while the second day foregrounded studies and projects on collective memory, identities, and image politics in the region – was accompanied by a vibrant cultural program. The first day of the latter included a guided tour of the 34th Ljubljana Biennale of Graphic Arts: ISKRA DELTA and a short film night, showcasing some gems of regional, post-Yugoslav production, and co-organized with the FEKK Ljubljana Short Film Festival. On the second day, the academic program was followed by a graffiti safari around Ljubljana's city center, and a concert at Klub Gromka, Metelkova. This is where theory finally spilled over into practice. Friday night at Metelkova presented the perfect opportunity for the symposium speakers and other concert attendants to continue their discussions (on topics addressed throughout the conference) and to tune in to sounds (analyzed during the first day of the conference) long into the night.



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