Is the EU losing the Western Balkans and/or vice versa?

On the evening of 14 October, the FDV held a discussion titled "is the EU losing the Western Balkans and/or vice versa?". The round table was attended by Peter Grk (MFA), Marko Makovec (EEAS), Donika Emini (CiviKos), Dimitar Nikolovski (Eurothink) and Christina Griessler (Andrassy University), and moderated by Vedran Džihić (OIIP). In addition, on October 14 and 15, several closed sessions took place at the faculty, in which about 30 researchers from the region participated. The activities took place within the projects "Addressing Euroscepticism/ illiberalism from below" and "Western Balkans in search of a new European and democratic momentum", co-financed by the EU Citizenship and Erasmus + programs. Local coordinators/organisers and researchers in the projects are dr. Marko Lovec and Faris Kočan. A recording of a public event and a policy brief on the role of Slovenia is available.

Back to list of notificationsPublished: 18. October 2021 | Category: International