Guest visit by Professor Muarakawa from the University of Tokyo

IMG_2040On Tuesday, November 15, the Faculty of Social Sciences hosted Prof. Tomoo Marukawa, a professor of Chinese economy from the Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo. He delivered a lecture titled The Future of China's Economic Growth and Its Impact on the Global Economy.

Murakawa’s work focuses on Chinese economy and industry. His books include Contemporary Chinese Economy (2013), Chinese Dream and Mass Capitalism (2013), Can We Live Without China? (2009), Contemporary Chinese Industries (2007), The Tectonic Shifts in China’s Labor Market (2002). He has also edited The Evolution of Mobile Phone Industry (2010), Chinese Multinational Enterprises (2008), Chinese Automobile Industry in the Age of Global Competition (2005). He has published articles in some international journals including Journal of East Asian Studies, China: An International Journal, Asia Pacific Business Review, and Eurasian Geography and Economics

IMG_2038Professor Murakawa has held also a meeting with the Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Rado Bohinc, and members of the Center of International Relations (Prof. Svetličič, Prof. Jaklič, Prof. Burger in Prof. Verčič).


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