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Faculty of Social Sciences hosted Prof. Jenny Suchland from the Ohio State University

DSC08908_resizeOn Monday, 7th March 2016, the Faculty of Social Sciences hosted Associate professor Jenny Suchland from the Ohio State University (Department of Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures). She held her lecture within the course Studies of Tourism and Travel (course responsible: Dr. Marjan Hočevar, Associate Professor, and lecturer: Dr. Simona Zavratnik, Assistant Professor). The guest lecture with the title Human Trafficking and the Making of Globalization’s Victims addressed the connections between globalization and human trafficking.  It was discussed why some forms of violence brought by globalization are considered violations of human rights while some are normalized within current economic practices.   

Prof. Jenny Suchland holds a PhD from the University of Texas (Austin in Government and Women's and Gender Studies). Her current project is a genealogy of global political discourses on women's human rights looking specifically at sex trafficking and sexual harassment. She is interested in how rights norms developed at the global level and comparatively, looking specifically at Soviet and post-Soviet Russia.

More about prof. Jennifer Suchland can be found at the following site:


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