European Communication Monitor 2018 results presented

team-european-communication-monitor-p-verhoeven-a-moreno-s-fink-a-zerfass-d-vercic-t-leitner-resizeDr. Dejan Verčič and his colleagues from the research team presented the results of this year's European Communication Monitor at the European Communication Summit in Berlin on 13 and 14 June.

Besides key trends like fake news, the ECM 2018 survey explores communications’ contributions to organisational success as well as the work environment for communication professionals in Europe. Work engagement and stress, job satisfaction and its drivers as well as the status of leadership in communication units are explored. Moreover, the longitudinal development of  strategic issues in the field, and characteristics of excellence are in the focus of the 12th edition. The European Communication Monitor 2018 is based on almost 3,100 communication professionals in 48 countries. Detailed analyses are available for 22 countries and different types of organisations (companies, non-profits, governmental, agencies).

The European Communication Monitor is the largest transnational study on strategic communication worldwide. It has been conducted annually since 2007 with more than 30,000 participating communication professionals. Results of the 2018 monitor have been released on June 13, 2018, and will be presented in various countries throughout the year.

Find out more about the results from this year's research.

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