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International Business and Research in the CEE Region: why is it worth doing?

The paper explores the first-time internationalisation strategy and discusses whether firms could actually begin internationalisation at home without crossing the border by approaching the international expatriates’ community in the home city/market.

15. March 2016 | Achievements, Research

The need to rethink human enhancement discourse

The Yearbook 2013 of the Institute for Advanced Studies on Science, Technology and Society released the article by Franc Mali (Faculty of Social Sciences) entitled The need to rethink human enhancement discourse.

10. March 2016 | Achievements, Research

Communication Evalvation and Measurement: Skills, Practices and Utilization in European Organizations

The paper "Communication Evalvation and Measurement: Skills, Practices and Utilization in European Organizations" by Dr. Dejan Verčič (Faculty of Social Sciences), Ansgar Zerfass and Sophia Charlotte Volk (University of Leipzig, Germany) has received two awards at the International Public Relations Research Conference: Institute for Public Relations Top Three Papers of Practical Significance Award and Koichi Yamamura International Strategic Communication Award.

08. March 2016 | Achievements, Research

The Case-orientedness of Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA): Glass half-empty or half-full?

The article addresses the development of Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) from its launching in 1987 until present.

04. March 2016 | Achievements, Publikacija

The MacBride’s Report and its key messages in the context of the (non-)changing (non-)democratic international community

The article seeks to address the relevancy of the MacBride Report for international relations. It does so in the context of factors that can influence the development of a more democratic international community.

22. January 2016 | Achievements, Publikacija

[Research] Determinants Of Unmet Needs Among Slovenian Old Population

Population ageing has significant effects on societies. The organization of care for dependent old people is one of the key issues for ageing societies.

19. January 2016 | Achievements, Research