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Teorija in praksa 1/2021

You are welcome to read a new issue of Teorija in praksa with 8 articles in slovenian and 4 in english language covering many interesting diverse fields.

24. March 2021 | TiP

Teorija in praksa - Special Issue 2020

This special issue of Teorija in praksa, guest-edited by professor Danica Fink-Hafner and professor Tanja Oblak Črnič, entitled “INTERNATIONAL ACADEMIC MOBILITY AS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION: THEORETICAL-METHODOLOGICAL FRAMEWORK”, addresses questions of study mobility in higher education from the perspective of its actors – students and professors – and also institutions as such, as well as public policies in this field.

17. February 2021 | TiP

Teorija in praksa 4/2020

Many of the contributions in this issue link experiences from the past global recession and the current crisis with a view to learning and better understanding. Although most of the crises cannot be prevented, we can overcome through planned learning and behaviour. It is precisely global systemic crises that constantly teach us how important the ability of (international and domestic) cooperation is.

15. January 2021 | TiP