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Danica Fink-Hafner: A Typology of Populisms and Changing Forms of Society: The Case of Slovenia

The journal Europe-Asia Studies has published an article by Danica Fink-Hafner from the Centre for Political Science Research at the Faculty of Social Sciences entitled A Typology of Populisms and Changing Forms of Society: The Case of Slovenia.

08. November 2016 | Research, Publikacija

First Stakeholder meeting

On Thursday, 29 September 2016, the Centre for Political Science Research (CPR) organised its first stakeholder meeting within the framework of the ongoing international "Comparative Interest Group Survey”.

14. October 2016 | Research, Event

[Research] The limits of public communication coordination in a nuclear emergency: lessons from media reporting on the Fukushima case

Coordination of public communication has become a key issue in management of complex emergencies, and is a matter of debate between nuclear emergency management professionals. This paper explores the communication process in the two-month period of the Fukushima nuclear emergency by using a quantitative comparative content and discourse analysis of 1340 printed media articles on the Fukushima nuclear disaster from newspapers in Spain, Italy, Norway, Slovenia, Belgium and Russia.

31. August 2016 | Research, Publikacija

[Science] Quantitative monitoring of military transformation in the period 1992–2010: Do the protagonists of transformation really change more than other countries?

The fact that military transformation has been a complex, slow, asymmetric, changeable, political, and not necessarily completely rational process points to the need to develop an effective monitoring mechanism. This paper fills a gap in the literature by creating and testing a model for multidimensional and multilevel quantitative monitoring of military transformation applicable in any country.

03. May 2016 | Achievements, Research

International Business and Research in the CEE Region: why is it worth doing?

The paper explores the first-time internationalisation strategy and discusses whether firms could actually begin internationalisation at home without crossing the border by approaching the international expatriates’ community in the home city/market.

15. March 2016 | Achievements, Research

The need to rethink human enhancement discourse

The Yearbook 2013 of the Institute for Advanced Studies on Science, Technology and Society released the article by Franc Mali (Faculty of Social Sciences) entitled The need to rethink human enhancement discourse.

10. March 2016 | Achievements, Research

Communication Evalvation and Measurement: Skills, Practices and Utilization in European Organizations

The paper "Communication Evalvation and Measurement: Skills, Practices and Utilization in European Organizations" by Dr. Dejan Verčič (Faculty of Social Sciences), Ansgar Zerfass and Sophia Charlotte Volk (University of Leipzig, Germany) has received two awards at the International Public Relations Research Conference: Institute for Public Relations Top Three Papers of Practical Significance Award and Koichi Yamamura International Strategic Communication Award.

08. March 2016 | Achievements, Research

[Research] Determinants Of Unmet Needs Among Slovenian Old Population

Population ageing has significant effects on societies. The organization of care for dependent old people is one of the key issues for ageing societies.

19. January 2016 | Achievements, Research