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Danica Fink-Hafner: A Typology of Populisms and Changing Forms of Society: The Case of Slovenia

The journal Europe-Asia Studies has published an article by Danica Fink-Hafner from the Centre for Political Science Research at the Faculty of Social Sciences entitled A Typology of Populisms and Changing Forms of Society: The Case of Slovenia.

08. November 2016 | Research, Publikacija

[Research] The instrumentalisation of politics and politicians-as-commodities: a qualitative analysis of slovenian parties’ understanding of political communication

The article by Jernej Amon Prodnik examines current processes in institutional politics and the often discussed tendency towards the professionalisation of political communication. It relates this tendency to the instrumentalisation of political life and its adoption of the commodity logic in public communication.

14. September 2016 | Achievements, Publikacija

[Research] The limits of public communication coordination in a nuclear emergency: lessons from media reporting on the Fukushima case

Coordination of public communication has become a key issue in management of complex emergencies, and is a matter of debate between nuclear emergency management professionals. This paper explores the communication process in the two-month period of the Fukushima nuclear emergency by using a quantitative comparative content and discourse analysis of 1340 printed media articles on the Fukushima nuclear disaster from newspapers in Spain, Italy, Norway, Slovenia, Belgium and Russia.

31. August 2016 | Research, Publikacija

Diasporas (Can) Play an Important Role in the Global Economy

There are more international migrants in the World today than ever before – with their number increasing exponentially. International mobility of talent has thus become a central element of learning and economic development. The newest publication by Inter-Disciplinary Press (Oxford, United Kingdom) 'Diaspora Business' tackles the role of diasporas as specific international migrant communities in the global economy from various perspectives.

16. June 2016 | Publikacija

[Science] UN and international terrorism

This paper by Iztok Prezelj shows a growing role of the UN in the fight against international terrorism and explores the comprehensiveness of its approach.

13. June 2016 | Achievements, Publikacija

[Science] Exploring academic reputation - is it a multidimensional construct?

In an recently released article by Dejan Verčič and Ana Tkalac Verčič, published in Corporate Communications: An International Journal, the authors explore academic reputation.

01. June 2016 | Achievements, Publikacija

[Science] Evolutionary reality of the revolution in military affairs : results of a comparative study

Revolution in Military Affairs has been one of the driving concepts for creating modern armed forces capable of coping with the challenges of a contemporary security environment. Revolutionary change in military affairs has been interpreted as discontinuous, radical, non-incremental, and even disruptive change.

18. May 2016 | Achievements, Publikacija

On the institutional aspects of local leadership

In the latest issue (vol. 12, no. 1) of journal World Political Science, De Gruyter publishing house, the article “From Parliamentarisation Towards Presidentialisation: Institutional Aspects of Local Political Leadership in Slovenia”, authors Simona Kukovič and Marjan Brezovšek, was published.

13. May 2016 | Publications, Publikacija

[Science] Random walks on graphs with interval weights and precise marginals

The International Journal of Approximate Reasoning released an article by Damjan Škulj entitled Random walks on graphs with interval weights and precise marginals.

26. April 2016 | Achievements, Publikacija

[Publication] UN and International Economy; with special emphasis on the role of Developing Countries and Transnational Enterprises

The article from Marjan Svetličič (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences) evaluates the activities of the United Nations (UN) and its efforts to achieve a new international economic order, to regulate activities of transnational corporations, and, in this framework, to address strategies of developing countries, particularly their self-reliance and economic cooperation.

18. April 2016 | Achievements, Publikacija