NEW! Access to ProQuest's Social Sciences Ebooks

FSS students and staff can remotely access ProQuest's Social Sciences Ebook Subscription which offers more than 30,000 e-books in the fields of social sciences.

From September 2020, FSS students and staff can access the ProQuest's Social Sciences Ebook Subscription database.

The collection of e-books is intended for searching, reading and borrowing more than 30,000 scientific and professional e-books in the fields of social sciences: journalism, political sciences, international relations, social informatics, statistics, sociology, culturology, management, HR, defence studies and marketing. It includes e-books from more than 200 university presses.

Access to the e-book collection is available to FSS students and staff based on IP authentication and via remote access.

Provider: ProQuest

Access link

Note: If you only want to search for books in the said collection, select "Advanced search" on the website and select "Social Sciences Ebook Subscription" in the lower right corner under "Collection".

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