MUNSC two-day Conference: United Nations Security Council: The Syrian Civil War

The Model United Nations Slovenia Club (MUNSC) is one of the youth sections of the United Nations Association of Slovenia (UNAS). MUNSC is based on the voluntary efforts of students who maintain a strong interest in international relations. The interests of MUNSC members is strengthened through the numerous events organised by the organisation.

The third MUNSC Two-Day Conference will be held on Friday and Saturday, from 18th to 19th February. Delegates will participate in a session of the United Nations Security Council on the topic The Syrian Civil War. This time, we are organizing the event together with the Russian Centre for Science and Culture which will host the simulation on 19th May. The second day of the simulation will be held at the Faculty of Social Sciences. The third two-day conference will enable participants to prepare for upcoming international MUN conferences and familiarise themselves with the general procedural rules typically found in MUN simulations. Participants will receive deeper understanding of the dynamics within the Syrian conflict and interactively analyse the foreign policy positions of different stakeholders.

Back to list of notificationsPublished: 07. May 2018