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International Summer School of Political Ecology 2024 - The public, the private and the commons: challenges of a just green transition

The international summer school of political ecology 2024 will take place between 1. and 5. July at the Faculty of Social Sciences. This year's edition of summer school is entitled The public, the private and the commons: challenges of a just green transition

The green transition is a global process that is unfolding in many different forms, with diverse stakeholders seeking to advance their own respective interests. An important factor shaping this transition is the relationship between the public and the private sectors. This divide is a political and ideological marker that has received additional significance with the assertion of neoliberal politics. In everyday debates, this distinction is perceived as the opposition between the free market and the state, with the actual social relations being concealed. The conflation of meanings of state and public thus obscures the ways in which the state promotes private interests, such as through public-private partnerships or by liberalising and strengthening market mechanisms. 

The 2024 International Summer School of Political Ecology invites students, academics, practitioners, activists and all those with interest in contemporary ecological and social concerns. Participation in the Summer School is FREE!

Reasons to join us:
• Earn credits through accredited participation for PhD and Master students (10 ECTS and 6 ECTS respectively).
• Immerse yourself in cutting-edge research with leading international and Slovene researchers and practitioners.
• Develop critical thinking about tensions and interests in regard to the just green transition.
• Enjoy a summer school without fees.
• Engage in interactive activities in the evenings, and discover Ljubljana.

Please apply by:
• 15 February: Master and Doctoral Students who wish to obtain ECTS credits;
• 15 March: participants who wish to stay in the pre-booked accommodation;
• 1 June: all other participants.


Learn more about how to apply on the link


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