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Dr. Rado Bohinc, Professor

General Information
  • Dr. Rado Bohinc, Professor
    Phone: +386 1 58 05 208
    Email: is.jl-inu.vdf@cnihob.odar
    Office Hours:
    Wednesday, 12.00 - 13.00
    AP 04

    Undergraduate courses
    Media policy and regulation
    Expert sphere:


    -EU, US and comparative company (corporate) law and corporate governance
    -corporations (companies) and partnerships, Societee European, EIG, sole proprietorship (formation, disclosure requirements, alteration of capital, shares and bonds, derivatives)
    -mergers, acquisitions, convesions, dissolution, take overs,
    -law on non profit organisations.


    -corporate governance fo a private corporations (one and two tyre systems of board composition, directors’ duties and liabilities, shareholders’ rights conflict of interests, directors’remunerations, corporate social responsibility, employee structural and financial participation);
    -corporate governance in public entities (public institutions, public enterprises, social enterprises, public agencies, public funds, public chambers, public private partnership);


    -insolvency and banktrupcy law,
    -corporate financial law;
    -security market instruments and institutions;
    intelectual property law,
    contract law.


    -public administration (system of civil service, public entities, and salaries in public sector, state administration, organization of public sevicies, better regulation, regulatory impact assessment, integrity and transparency, participation of the public, public private partnership etc);
    -public (civil) servants law and other fields of social securitie’s laws, harmonisation with EU regulations and directives;



    -Sources of EU Law
    EU legal and judicial system;
    EU institutions;
    EU policies;
    EU company law;
    EU project management law;


    Ongoing research rojects:

    -Socially Responsible Corporate Governance as the Foundation of the new Development Paradigm of Slovenia and EU (1.7.2014―30.6.2017)

    Corporate Governance of State-Owned Enterprises: Contemporary Issues and Challenges for Slovenia and EU (1.1.2016―31.12.2018)

    Past research projects (selected):

    -Minority protection and rights as factors of integration and diversity management: Case and comparative studies of countries of Central and South Eastern Europe (1.7.2011―30.6.2014);


    -Legal aspects and information technology support in the process of democratization of governance of public and private legal entities and industrial relations (1.7.2007―30.6.2010);

    -The influence of the EU company law and corporate governance on the competitivness of the economy (1.1.2005―30.9.2006);

    -A comparative research on security markets in Europe and USA (1.7.1998―30.6.2001);

    -Management and its role in the future (1.9.1999―30.4.2000);

    -Legal regulation of R&D (1.1.1997―31.12.1999)

  • Present function:
    President of the administrative board of the Agency for research of Slovenia (since 2014);

    Former employments:
    Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana ( 2015-2017)
    Rector of the University of Primorska (2007-2011)
    Department Head of the Law Institute, Science and Research Centre, University of Primorska Koper, Slovenia (2010-2014);
    Minister of the Interior and member of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia (2000-2004)
    Minister for Science and Technology and member of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia (1993-1996);
    Minister of Economy in Government of the former Yugoslavia (1988);
    General Secretary and Vice-President of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce (1984-1988);
    President of the Slovenian Institute of Management (since 1990);

    • Former functions:
    • President of the Slovenian Science Foundation and member of the Administration Board (1994-2012);
    • President of the Rectors Conference of the Alps-Adriatic Universities (2009 - 2010);
    • President of Rectors' Conference of the Republic of Slovenia (2008 - 2010);
    • President of Supervisory boards in a number of companies,
    • President of the Administrative Board of the University of Ljubljana (1999-2000);
    • Member of the Science Council and of the International Board for Public and Cooperative Economy, CIREC, Liege;
    • Member of the Standing Committee for Social Sciences of the European Science Foundation;
    • Member of the international Bar Association;
    • Member of the Administrative Board of the University of Ljubljana and Faculty of Social Sciences;
    • Chief editor of the journal Company and Work (1978-2008);
    • President of the association Citizen forum (1996-2000);
    • President of the Society of business lawyers of Ljubljana.


    Lectured at universities in Europe, USA, India, Russia, New Zeeland
    Participated as speaker at numerous international conferences and symposia, organized mainly by:
    -EU bodies and institutions,
    -European University association, universities and research institutions,
    -International associations for Public, Social and Cooperative Economy,
    -European Science Foundationand other sience associations,
    -Scienticic Conferences in the field of Law, Economy and other Social sciences.


    Over 600 scientific articles, research papers, studies and expertise, in the field of civil law business and corporate law, corporate governance and labor relations, for bibliography, see:


    Selected books:

    -BOHINC, Rado. COMPARATIVE COMPANY LAW : an overview on US and some EU coutries' company legislation on corporate governance. Saarbrücken: VDM Verlag Dr. Müller, 2014, cop. 2011. 545 str. ISBN 978-3-639-34251-2. ISBN 363-9-34251-8. [COBISS.SI-ID 32958557]

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    -BOHINC Rado, THE LAW ON EUROPEAN UNION (Textbook for university lectures), Ljubljana, FDV 2006 and 2011

    -BOHINC Rado Contribution to the BIG COMMENTARY OF SLOVENE COMPANY LAW, 2007, 2014 (chapters on corporate governance and shareholders rights)

    -BOHINC Rado Contribution to the Introductory explanations of Slovene PUBLIC-PRIVATE -PARTNERSHIP LAW, 2006


    Selected articles:

    -BOHINC, Rado. Historical transformation of property rights in the context of new paradigm of human development. Acta Histriae, ISSN 1318-0185, 2013, letn. 21, št. 3, str. 427-448. [COBISS.SI-ID 2448851]

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    Personal bibliography