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Dr. Primož Medved, Assistant Professor

General Information
  • Dr. Primož Medved, Assistant Professor
      Phone: +386 1 58 05 349
      Email: is.jl-inu.vdf@devdem.zomirp
      Office Hours:

      A 207
      Expert sphere:
      sustainable city
      sustainable urbanism
      social sustainability
      social cohesion 
      local urban hubs
      eco gentrification
    • Dr. Primož Medved is a researcher at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences. He finished his PhD in Environmental Protection at University of Ljubljana (specialization in sustainable urbanism and urban sociology), with the dissertation “The structural model of autonomous sustainable neighbourhoods”. Before his PhD, he obtained the Master degree in Environmental Economics at Ecole Supérieure des Science Commerciales d’Angers (ESSCA) in Angers (France). He gained several research / work experiences (all focusing on sustainable urbanism) at different research institution in the EU: e.g. IIIEE — Lund University (Lund, Sweden), University of Bologna (Bologna, Italy), Second University of Napoli (Napoli, Italy), ABUD (Budapest, Hungary), Florida (Valencia, Spain), etc. He also worked as a consultant for Climate KIC (European Institute of Innovation and Technology — EIT) within the program “Pioneer into Practice”, where he was engaged in the research module “EU Cities: Sustainable reconstruction analysis” in Bologna (Italy) and Budapest (Hungary). His trans-disciplinary research mainly focuses on sustainable neighbourhood modelling and he published several scientific articles and books on the topics: sustainable urbanism; social sustainability, local identity and social cohesion in eco cities; socio-economic balance in relation to sustainable urban development; urban elements, which are enforcing the local community manifestation; urban social hubs, etc.

      More information:

    • MEDVED, Primož, URŠIČ, Matjaž. 2021. The benefits of university collaboration within university-community partnerships in Europe. Journal of higher education outreach & engagement 25 (2): 79–94.

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