Find the right thing

Explore effective ways of searching social science resources. Find the information you really need and get relevant scientific papers using a variety of tools in the collections of e-journals and e-books.


  • access to the collections of e-journals
  • usage of the Digital Library of the Ljubljana University (DiKUL)
  • review of social science e-journal collections
  • creation of a personal profile in DiKUL
  • e-books
  • e-handbooks
  • works of the University of Ljubljana
  • searching for scientific web sources (Google Scholar)
  • evaluation of online resources
  • accessing and using information ethically and legaly
  • searching the selected e-journal collections

The course is designed for students who have already chosen their research subject (title of their work, to be able to search for sources in a certain content area).

Sign up via the form on our website. The number of places in the classroom is limited, applications will be considered on a first come first served basis. Since work is based on practical exercises, you will need a password to access computers at the faculty and a password to access DiKUL. At the course, you will also receive a password to access the ODKJG online classroom.

Contact for additional information: natasa.godec@fdv.uni-lj.s