Skoči do osrednje vsebine

Custom Information literacy courses to meet your needs

Students starting the faculty have more or less developed information retrieval and usage competencies. Because of the flood of (ir)relevant information, students have to recognize and efficiently define their information needs to successfully retrieve the information they need for their essays and seminars. They have to critically evaluate the information, include it in their knowledge, upgrade it and use it efficiently. Students must also understand and consider economic, legal and social aspects of information retrieval and usage. To raise the best foundation for successful studies, it is best to obtain information literacy competencies as soon as possible.

In obtaining information literacy competencies it is best to use integrative approach, which we adapt to information needs and to the knowledge of the individual group:

  • content of the workshops is mutually agreed and designed in advance (e. g. at the subject exercises)
  • we design cases in affinity with your subject (keywords, e-journals from specific field, databases suitable for those fields, we create a personal profile in DiKUL with databases from those fields)
  • students who enrol to the course will also receive a password to access the ODKJG online classroom (contains text material, Prezi presentation, PowerPoint presentation, interactive e-material, video guides)
The following contents are available:
  • access to the collections of e-journals
  • review of social science e-journal collections
  • usage of the Digital Library of the Ljubljana University (DiKUL)
  • efficient information retrieval in selected social sciences e-journals
  • creation of a personal profile in DiKUL
  • e-books
  • e-handbooks
  • works of the University of Ljubljana
  • searching for scientific web sources (Google Scholar)
  • evaluation of online resources
  • accessing and using information ethically and legaly
  • searching the selected e-journal collections
For organization of the course, please contact Nataša Godec (