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Zlatko Šabič speaker at the conference of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

On 21 September 2022, the Head of EARL, Professor Zlatko Šabič, participated in the conference of think tanks of Central and Eastern Europe with his own expose. The event was prepared by the Institute for European Studies of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. The opening ceremony was led by Professor Liu Zuokui, Deputy Director of the Institute of European Studies, and a recent guest at a conference organized by the EARL.

The participants discussed a number of issues that represent a challenge to, and motivation for further cooperation in the region. Professor Šabič focused on topics related to the promotion of interpersonal (people-to-people) relations and exchanges among scholars (in both teaching and research areas). He emphasized that education and understanding of processes and relations in all parts of the East Asian region are crucial for the development of relations between China and countries from the Central and Eastern European region. In this context, he highlighted the activities of the EARL as an example of good practice. Professor Liu Zuokui commented on the contribution of Professor Šabič by emphasising the importance that CASS attaches to such practices, the result of which has been, among others, the recent donation that the CASS contributed to the EARL’s book collection.

A more comprehensive report of the event (in Chinese) is available here.


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