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The creation and functioning of the EARL in the Newsletter of the International Institute for Asian Studies

"With technological advances, the idea how to make ‘smallness’ irrelevant seemed doable. After all, digital databases already cover most of secondary sources, and digitalisation of primary sources is progressing rapidly. Hence, with the support of experts on digital databases, a concept of a regional hub for resources devoted to East Asia started to take shape. By the end of 2015, work on the EARL began."

The text above is an excerpt of the article in the Newsletter published by the International Institute for Asian Studies at the University of Leiden, authored by Mirjam Kotar and Zlatko Šabič, describing the birth and the functioning of the EARL:

"The EARL is yet another embodiment of the conviction that Humanities and Social Sciences must go hand in hand to understand what is going on around us and how we got there."

The article is fully accessible here

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