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Successfully conducted advisory session of Japanese and Slovenian experts on Society 5.0

On 3 March 2020, East Asia Resource Library (EARL) hosted an advisory session of experts on the implementation and development of Society 5.0 in the Western Balkans. Society 5.0 is a concept of developing a human-centric technology society that aims to balance economic developments and social issues, achieving higher standards of living for the global population, through the integration of cyber and physical space.


The expert session with the Ambassador of Japan His Excellency Masaharu Yoshida and Professor DDr Yuko Harayama was attended by scholars, professors and PhD students that either specialize in digitalization or the Western Balkans, while several participants were representatives of the Western Balkans countries. Present academics were: Dr Monika Kalin Golob, the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Dr Andreja Jaklič, Dr Franc Mali, Dr Petra Roter, Dr Zlatko Šabič, Dr Chikako Shigemori Bučar, Mirjam Kotar, Maša Kolenbrand, Halida Dolandič, Tinkara Godec, Tilen Gorenšek, Ajda Hedžet and Teodora Tea Ristevska.


The experts agreed that universities should be the front-runners in the field of Society 5.0 implementation. European universities are lacking direct interaction with students and while most of the information can be found on the Internet, educators should focus on building stronger interpersonal relationship with students and encourage critical thinking in their classes. In the future practical experience will increase in value – and developing and using AI in educational processes can help universities to be more practice-oriented. Lastly, Society 5.0 represents a unique opportunity that will allow the countries to manage diversity and collect a broad range of citizen’s opinions in order for our society to progress and evolve in the future.


This advisory session served as an opportunity for a comprehensive exchange of expert opinions with guests from Japan, the Western Balkans and Slovenia. Its aim was to gain a first-hand assessment of opportunities and solutions Society 5.0 can offer to the region of Western Balkans.


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