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EARL Day and presentation of a book “Processes and Relations in in East Asia” successful

The EARL Day was successfully held at the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts on 19 December 2019. The event, which was part of the Official Programme of the 100th Anniversary of the University of Ljubljana, had three aims to meet. First, to appraise the book written by scholars, whose expertise is with various fields related to East Asia; second, to reflect on the past and present state of the art in the field of East Asian studies in Slovenia; and, third, to elaborate on the role of the EARL in the future endeavour of the University of Ljubljana to place itself internationally as one of the hubs in which knowledge about East Asia is generated.


Throughout the day and well into the evening, a series of lectures and round table panel discussions were taking place in the well-attended Prešeren Hall, where guests had the opportunity to listen to experts from different areas ranging from business, humanities and social sciences, speaking on variety of topics. The speakers, while reflecting on the beginnings of research of East Asia in Slovenia, also touched upon the future prospects and the changing world – with the drastic changes in international society, increased business opportunities for Slovene business abroad, and advancements in technology, which will reshape our society. We were honoured to have Professor Igor Papič, the Rector of the University of Ljubljana, Professor Monika Kalin Golob, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, and Professor Roman Kuhar, Dean of the Faculty of Arts delivering opening speeches to the even.


The event concluded with a creative cultural program and the presentation of the book titled “Processes and Relations in East Asia”, co-authored by EARL members. The pioneers of East Asian Studies in Slovenia who contributed to the book, presented different topics the book covers, related to the themes covered in the round table panel discussions earlier in the day. The book can be found at the following link.


This is the final report from us in 2019. Let us remind you about our Newsletter, giving an overview of our activities in this year. It can be found also here

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