Availability of courses for foreign students

The list of available courses is being regularly updated and is indicating the current situation.
If the course is already full, then it cannot be chosen anymore.


Advertising and society, Tanja Kamin, full-time, 1 W
Categorical data analysis, Andraž Petrovčič, full-time, 1 S
Comparative Corprate Law, Rado Bohinc, full-time, 1 S
Crisis Management, Andrej Rus, full-time, 1 S
Crisis management and contemporary security, Marjan Malešič, full-time, 1 S
Cultural Anthropology, Vesna Godina, full-time, 1 W
Cultural construction of Europe, Karmen Šterk, full-time, 1 WFULL
Cultures of Everyday Life, Mitja Velikonja, full-time, 1 SFULL
Current Issues in the International Community, Bojko Bučar, full-time, 1 WFULL
Development of EU, Maja Bučar, full-time, 1 S
Diplomacy of the EU, Boštjan Udovič, full-time, 1 W
eBusiness, Jaroslav Berce, full-time, 1 W
EU policy-making processes, Damjan Lajh, full-time, 1 S
Foreign language I: English for specific purposes, Marijana Budeč Staničić, full-time, DI-VSS
Foreign language I: French for specific purposes , Mojca Jarc, full-time, 1 Y
Foreign language I: German for specific purposes, Matej Šetinc, full-time, 1 Y
Foreign language I: Italian for specific purposes , Nina Gorenc, full-time, 1 Y
Foreign language I: Russian for specific purposes, Larisa Gabrovšek, full-time, 1 Y
Foreign language I: Spanish for specific purposes, Santiago Martin, full-time, 1 Y
Foreign language IV: English for specific purposes, Marijana Budeč Staničić, full-time, 1 WFULL
Foreign Policy, Ana Bojinović Fenko, full-time, 1 S
Genealogies of Citizenship, Andrej Kurnik, full-time, 1 S
Geography for Defense Studies, Vladimir Prebilič, full-time, 1 W
International Economic Relations, Andreja Jaklič, full-time, 1 W
International Organizations, Zlatko Šabič, full-time, 1 S
International protection of environment, Zlatko Šabič, full-time, 1 S
Internet in everyday life, Gregor Petrič, full-time, 1 S
Introduction to visual culture, Ilija Tomanić Trivundža, full-time, 1 WFULL
Law of the EU, Rado Bohinc, full-time, 1 SFULL
Media criticism, Dejan Jontes, full-time, 1 S
New Political Character and Global Social Movements, Andrej Kurnik, full-time, 1 W
North South Relations, Maja Bučar, full-time, 1 W
Politics of Globalisation, Jernej Pikalo, full-time, 1 WFULL
Relations with the media, Jernej Amon Prodnik, full-time, 1 WFULL
Social Network Analysis, Andrej Mrvar, full-time, 1 S
Sociology of creativity, Gregor Tomc, full-time, 1 SFULL
Spatial Sociology, Marjan Hočevar, full-time, 1 W
Third World Politics, Žiga Vodovnik, full-time, 1 S