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AAPOR Poster Presentation: Introduction Breakoffs, Questionnaire Breakoffs and Web Questionnaire Length

AAPOR naslovnica

Gregor Čehovin from the Centre for Social Informatics attended the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) 71st Annual Conference. At the conference’s first poster session, Gregor Čehovin presented the preliminary results of an ongoing metastudy of survey breakoffs titled “Introduction breakoffs, questionnaire breakoffs and web questionnaire length: a metastudy”.

24. May 2016 | News

Visit of Jon A. Krosnick and the workshop »Survey mode effects«

Between 18. and 20. May 2016 the Centre for Social Informatics (CSI) is hosting dr. Jon A. Krosnicka, the leading survey methodologist from Stanford University (USA). Dr. Krosnick will participate the second doctoral seminar of Ana Slavec and the workshop »Survey mode effects«, that will be held at National Institute of Public Health.

19. May 2016 | News

New applied research project: »Smart ICT Solutions for Active and Healthy Ageing: Integrating Informal e-Care Services in Slovenia«

Centre for Social Informatics (CSI) started an applied research project »Smart ICT Solutions for Active and Healthy Ageing: Integrating Informal e-Care Services in Slovenia«.

21. March 2016 | News

We hosted prof. dr. Michael Bošnjak from Gesis

Between 9.3. and 10.3.2016 the Centre for Social Informatics and Chair of Social Informatics and Methodology hosted prof. dr. Michael Bošnjak from Gesis. He carried out two workshops on meta analysis within doctoral study of statistics.

15. March 2016 | News


About the centre

Activities of the Centre for Social Informatics (CSI) are related to the area of social informatics (SI). In this context, CSI maintains a central global website (www.social-informatics.org). Social informatics as a discipline and CSI deal with the interaction between information and communication technologies (ICT) and modern society in three ways: 1) The interaction of ICT and society takes place at the level of (a) the individual, (b) organizations and (c) society (information society). 2) ICT as a research tool refers to a wide range of e-infrastructure research, from the online surveys to e-social science. Since 1996 the CSI researchers are one of the leading groups in the field of Web survey methodology. 3) Implementation of ICT in social subsystems mainly refers to the corresponding e-services. 


Contact us:

E-mail: cdi@fdv.uni-lj.si, Tel: +386 1 5805 286

National research projects

Methodology of social research within the context of e-social science

Duration: 1. avgust 2014 - 31. july 2016

Young researcher - Ana Slavec

Duration: 1. november 2011 - 30. april 2015

Young researcher - Anže Sendelbah

Duration: 1. december 2012 - 31. may 2016

NRP - Internet research

Duration: 1. january 2015 - 31. december 2016

Young researcher - Gregor Čehovin

Duration: 1. november 2014 - 30. april 2018

Automatization of development and evaluation of web survey

Duration: 1. july 2014 - 30. june 2017

Digital inclusion and active ageing: development of user centered methodological approach for research of mobile use among elderly users.

Duration: 1. july 2014 - 30. june 2017

International research projects

ERIC - European Social Survey: Post-stratification weights.

COST - Dynamics of virtual work

Duration: 29. october 2012 - 28. october 2016

COST- WEBDATANET: web-based data-collection - methodological challenges, solutions and implementation

Duration: 16. june 2011- 15. june 2015

NFM-2013- Responding to hate speech – activation of an independent conjunctive body (act)

Duration: 1. september 2014 - 29. february 2016

ISOLearn: Innovation and Social Learning in HEI

Duration: 1. september 2014 - 31. august 2016


Duration: 1. february 2013 - 30. june 2015

Duration: 1. november 2012 - 31. october 2014



A tool for web surveying,located at http://english.1ka.si/ enables creating a  web survey, surveying and analyzing the data. 



Awareness Centre under the EU Safer Internet Programme, SAFE.SI raises awareness  about safe and responsible use of internet and new technologies. 

Spletno oko


Hotline for reporting hate speech and child sexual abuse images on the internet


WebSM website is dedicated to the methodological issues of Web surveys. It also covers broader area of interaction between modern technologies and survey data collection process.

social-informatics Web Site Social Informatics integrates all areas of social informatics, study programs and research centers in the world.

fdvinfoFDVinfo is the website of the study program of social informatics.



Project Internet Use in Slovenia (RIS) is running since 1996. On the website www.ris.org all the studies that have been carried out within the project are collected.


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Mobile phone communication in social support networks of older adults in Slovenia
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